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  • Training The New Regime

    Leaders know the way and show the way. Without a strategic succession plan, the next generation of leaders will have no template to build off of. In this workshop, students will learn how to build interpersonal alliances, delegate tasks, and train and develop up-and-coming leaders to carry the torch.

  • Opportunity is ever present. Sometimes we're in a position to capitalize off of it and other times we miss it completely. Milton Berle states, "If opportunity isn't knocking, build your own door." For a leader to be successful, they have to overcome the spirit of apathy and begin to benefit from their leadership opportunities. In this workshop, students will learn The 7 Laws of Maximizing Opportunity.

  • Lead With No Apologies

    The world needs more unapologetic leaders. People with the confidence, vision, and the ability to persevere in the face of judgement. In this presentation, Jesse uncovers the 3 reasons why leaders destroy their influence and shares the steps you can take prevent it from happening to you.

  • Young, Hungry & Ambitious

    The path of a Young, Hungry & Ambitious leader is one that requires a sense of purpose, determination, and a focused energy. In most cases they stand alone, waving the flag of leadership and declaring that life can be experienced at a greater level. In this presentation, Jesse helps your students identify the Young, Hungry & Ambitious leader inside of them and challenges them to become the better verison of themselves.

  • I really enjoyed the Training The New Regime workshop. It helped remind me of my responsibility to be intentional about leading those who are coming up after me. I would recommend that you hire Jesse to come and speak at your school!

    Anna Lou, Texas

  • Jesse was engaged with our students from the time he set foot on campus. He didn't just come here to speak and then leave. He stayed to answer questions and fellowshiped with our student leaders. As a youth pastor, I appreciate that because it shows that he truly cares about my students. He's not just the run of the mill motivational speaker, this is his ministry. He adds value and we can feel it!

    Adam West, Virginia

  • Training Leaders to Become The Better Version of Themselves

    Modern audiences have high expectations and tough standards. When Jesse speaks the audience is engaged. Notes are taken, people are inspired, and laughter is woven into the learning experience. Jesse Cole delivers.


     The world needs a few more unapologetic leaders; people with the confidence, vision, and the ability to persevere in the face of judgement, and even through their own mistakes. An unapologetic leader has the guts to take risks and is comfortable enough with themselves to live and learn from the results. LEAD WITH NO APOLOGIES gives you the keys to:

    • Intensify your leadership influence.
    • Amplify your potential as a leader.
    • Attract partners that can add value to your mission.
    • Inspire your team to be more productive.
    • Manage and preserve your influence.




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